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  The lure of new land grants, caused many Skinners to move from Malden, but not until the third generation. Those early moves away from Malden are shown on the chart below. The chart includes only the descendents relevant to the moves (not all children in a family are shown). Given the tremendous growth of the Skinners due to very large families, most Skinners in New England can trace their ancestry to Thomas Skinner and his wife Mary Godden.

Skinner Settlement
  Two generations after the chart above illustrates, a grandson of Jonathan Skinner, Daniel Skinner, moved to a new settlement in Maine in 1793. In a history of Penobscot County, Maine, the author states, "...and as the members of the Skinner family married in early life and settled in his or her father's neighborhood, and as all were imbued with the determination of fulfilling the early command, 'increase and multiply', a numerous, healthy and industrious progeny soon filled the territorial neighborhood...So numerous were they that the place in which they lived was properly called the Skinner neighborhood." That location is near Corinth, Maine and is called Skinner Settlement. It is a National Historic Site. The first Corinth town meeting was held in Daniel Skinner's home. The original homestead stayed in the family for over 180 years. You can learn more about Daniel Skinner and the Skinner Settlement at:

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