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North Royalton Cemetery
  The North Royalton Cemetery is located on the south side of Vermont State Highway 14, just outside the main part of Royalton. All the Skinners on this page, except Anson P. Skinner and his family are buried in the North Royalton Cemetery. Anson and family are buried in the South Royalton Cemetery, located a few blocks from the village common in the center of South Royalton. The headstones of Zebulon Lyon and wife Eleanor Porter appear at the bottom of the "The Move to Royalton" link.

Luther and Temperance Skinner, friends of Zebulon Lyon and early settlers of Royalton.

Capt. Isaac Skinner and wife Lucy Shaw. Isaac was Luther's brother and was an early settler of Royalton.

The children of Isaac & Lucy Skinner. Clockwise from top left: Lucy, Fanny, Calvin, Lucy (died as a young child), Dr. Daniel Havens, Darius, Sarah.

Grave site of Rev. Azel Washburn and Sally Skinner, sister of Calvin Skinner and stepdaughter of Zebulon Lyon.

Calvin and Sally Skinner, ancestors of Lewis Bailey Skinner. Calvin's father (Calvin) died at Valley Forge 2 months prior to his birth. Calvin was step-son of Zebulon Lyon.

Eliza Skinner, daughter of Calvin and Sally Skinner and husband Dr. Dennison. Dr. Denison died at age 43 in a vehicle accident on a farm in Royalton.

Lewis Skinner and wife Julia Kinney. Lewis was a son of Calvin and Sally Skinner and was the grandfather of Lewis Bailey Skinner.

More children of Calvin and Sally Skinner: Richard, who died at the age of 19, Eleanor Porter Skinner, and Martin Tullar Skinner, who took over the family homestead.

In the foreground, the family of William Skinner Sr., son of Calvin and Sally Skinner. Left headstone is daughter Maria B. Skinner, center is wife Maria B. (Smith) Skinner, and right is William Skinner Sr. In the background are the headstones of Calvin and Sally Skinner.

The family grave site of William Skinner, Jr., son of William Skinner, grandson of Calvin and Sally Skinner. Buried here are William Jr., wife Katherine Kendall Rix, daughter Katherine Maria and son Dr. Richmond Kendall Skinner.

The Anson P. Skinner headstone in South Royalton Cemetery. Parents Anson and Nellie (French) are engraved on one side (left picture) and children Leon, Edith, Dorothy, William and Delia are engraved on the other (right picture).

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