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Lewis Skinner and Julia Ann Kinney Lewis Skinner and Julia Ann Kinney

Lewis Skinner, son of Calvin and Sally Skinner, married Julia Ann Kinney. You may remember the story of the connection between Joseph Smith, Mormon founder, and the Skinners. Julia Ann Kinney was the daughter of Deacon Jonathan Kinney and Temperance Skinner Kinney. Deacon Kinney was the schoolmaster at the school attended by Joseph Smith. Did you catch the fact that the mother of Julia Ann was a Skinner and she married a Skinner? The relationship is shown below. Only relevant children, not complete familes are shown.

Lewis Skinner Family
  Lewis Skinner was a farmer in Royalton on land known as plot 17 Large allotment. It was originally cleared by the Lymans, one of the settler families of Royalton. On the 1869 map below, the Lewis Skinner farm is indicated by the red arrow at the lower left.

Lewis and Julia Skinner had four children (shown below). Little is known about Lewis Edward other than he married a woman named Irene Morrison, had two children, worked for the railroad in Cincinnati and died at the age of 63. Even less is known about Eleanor Porter. Apparently she never married and lived with sister Julia Annie's family. Julia Annie married Daniel Woodward and lived in Randolph, VT. Woodward ancestors in Vermont participated in the "Underground Railroad" that shuttled slaves from the south to freedom. One of Julia and Daniel's sons, Walter Carleton Woodward, became a surgeon, went to work as a railroad doctor and ended up in Seattle. One of his sons, Walter Carleton Woodward Jr, published the Seattle area Bainbridge Review. The newspaper was one of the few that took a stand against the internment of Japanese during World War II.

John Calvin Skinner
  John Calvin Skinner, father of Lewis Bailey Skinner, was one of the few Skinners to leave Royalton. You can read about his very interesting life on the next web page link.

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