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John Calvin Skinner was educated at Royalton Academy. If you look closely at the picture above, you'll notice that John Calvin Skinner is missing his right arm. He lost it at the age of 17 in an accidental shooting in Royalton. He was bed-ridden for the better part of 3 years due to complications from his injury. Incredibly, as soon as he fully recovered from his injury, he moved from Royalton to Cincinnati, where his brother Lewis Edward was working for the Little Miami Railroad. John Calvin went to work for the railroad as--of all things--a baggage handler. Within a short time, he took the railroad to where it ended in Iowa and with 4 others, bought and herded sheep. He later sold out his interest in the sheep project and returned to Royalton for a visit. He then went to Cincinnati where he tended the bridge between Cincinnati and Covington, KY. It appears all of these activities took place between his move from Royalton in 1869 and his marriage in 1873.

A Marriage in Cincinnati
  While working in Cincinnati, John Calvin married Mary Bailey (above left) on June 3, 1873. Mary must have been a very patient women. John Calvin was a very enterprising man, willing to take risks, and willing to move his family to assume those risks.

  Their first son, Lewis Bailey, was born in Cincinnati in 1874. Sometime prior to 1876, the small family moved to Cleveland where John Calvin got involved in the coal business. He later sold out to Eugene Grasselli, founder of the Graselli Chemical Company and, in turn, went to work for the Grasseli company operating sulphuric acid plants. He eventually became General Superintendent of one of the plants. While in Cleveland, John Calvin also became one of the organizers of a residential subdivision. He also was one of the organizers of an oil company, Canfield Oil. The chemical company John Calvin worked for supplied sulphuric acid to both the Canfield Oil and Standard Oil. Due to John D. Rockefeller's objection over the apparent conflict of interest, John Calvin resigned from Canfield Oil.

Another Move
  John Calvin and Mary's last child, son John Crossin Skinner was born in Cleveland in 1800, so it was at some point after this that the family moved further west. In Pueblo, CO, John Calvin built his own sulphuric acid processing works. It is unclear if the family lived in Pueblo or Denver at this point, but it is certain that the family settled in Denver after John Calvin acquired an interest in Western Chemical Company. During the time in Denver, John Calvin served as a City Commissioner, a County Commissioner, and was a member of the Water Commission.

Western Chemical Works in Denver. John Calvin Skinner was not majority owner of the company, but apparently did have a stake of some sort.

The John Calvin Skinner & Mary Bailey Family

Among the adults in the picture above, the following are children of John Calvin and Mary Bailey Skinner: Lucretia Skinner Ellett, Paul Crossin Skinner, Lewis Bailey Skinner, Julia Skinner McDaniel, and Virginia Skinner Lanphier. Other notes: Florence Skinner is the wife of Paul Crossin Skinner and Joan Skinner is their daughter, Olive Ann Webb Skinner is the wife of Lewis Bailey Skinner and Olive, Bradley, Lois and Bailey are their children. Elizabeth Spier Webb is Olive Ann's mother. Paul Crossin Skinner's middle name comes from his maternal grandmother, Mary Crossin.


In 1900, Believing that living simply in the mountains was good for body and soul eight Denver men established a resort colony in the mountains west of Denver called Glenelk.  John C. Skinner was one of the eight founders of Glenelk as noted in the plaque at the bottom left.   At the right is the Skinner cabin at Glenelk which remains in the family today.  Meals at Glenelk were prepared and served communally.  Property held by families at Glenelk can only pass through descendants of the original owners.

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