The Immigrants
Woodstock, Connecticut
The Move to Royalton
Skinners Multiply
Calvin & Sally's Family
Lewis Skinner Family
John Calvin Skinner
Lewis & Olive Ann
Other Skinner Towns
Cheat Sheet
The Skinner Kinsmen: Natalie Fernald, 234 pages, written in the early 1900s. Currently available on CD in .pdf format.
The History of Royalton, Vermont: Evelyn Lovejoy, 1271 pages, published 1911. Mrs. Lovejoy was a headmaster at Royalton Academy and her ancestors were early settlers of Royalton. Currently available on CD in .pdf format.
Royalton Vermont: Hope Nash, published 1975, 299 pages. An update of the earlier Royalton history by Evelyn Lovejoy.
The Skinner Family Genealogy: Lewis Bailey Skinner, completed 1938. Much of the early Skinner info is based on the book "The Skinner Kinsmen" by Fernald. Later family information is original and highly informative. Hand typed by Lewis Bailey Skinner. Several copies exist among family members.
The History of Woodstock: Henry C. Bowen, 1877
History of Windham County, Connecticut: Ellen D. Larned. Published 1874, two volumes. Reprinted in 2001 and currently available. Contains info about Woodstock, CT and the Skinner and Lyon families in Woodstock.

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